Peeing In The House Of God by Guest Blogger David Wolstenholm

Peeing In The House Of God by Guest Blogger David Wolstenholm

Today, I present to you a blog I came across that I’m happy to share with you. I’ll admit, the title first hooked me. Then David continued to draw me in as he took me on his adventure. Isn’t that what God wants to do with us?

Peeing In The House Of God

Needing Attention
My wife and I have a 7 ½ year-old male Pekingese named Milo who thinks it’s his job to protect the house. He also thinks it’s his job to mark his territory in our house. We have tried many ways to train him but nothing seems to work. The other day, our patience wore out. He looked up at my wife, turned around, walked a little ways then peed on our ottoman. After that, he looked back up at my wife with a guilty look on his face.

Why did he do that? Or, I should ask, why does he do that? Is it for attention? Can he just not help himself? Well, we were fed up with him so we decided it was time for him to go.

Time To Go
We searched around the area where we live to find a good no-kill shelter we can take him too. Unfortunately, all of them were full and had a waiting list two months long. Finally, we found a place almost an hour away that was willing to take him in. We took the trip on a Friday morning and dropped him off.

It was hard for us because we had him for over seven years. We still loved him but were tired of his bad behavior. We were tired of cleaning up after him. We were tired of living in a dirty house.

Lessons Learned
That night, before going to bed, we prayed as we usually do and God revealed something powerful to us. We pee in His house all the time. We look at Him one minute, then we decide to take our eyes off Jesus. We turn our backs on God and sin against Him. Knowing we did wrong, we look back upon our Savior with guilty eyes asking for forgiveness again. Why do we do it? Who knows; but I do know one thing, we live in a fallen world and so does our dog.

God is patient and forever loving toward us no matter how many times we sin against Him. He still takes us back and tells us to sin no more. We are to model this type of love God gives us with others. It was at that moment we realized we must go back to the shelter and get Milo.

We must love all of God’s creation the same way He loves us. Whether it is having patience with a dog who marks his territory or having forgiveness toward another human, we must always look at God’s example first. What would Jesus do? Rebuke us, forgive us and teach us the proper way to live and love. Think about this today as you interact with others. Will you love them the way God loves you?

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